Harvest Moon

A full moon tonight. A new season in a few days. We are entering into an exciting fall 2021 after months of uncertainty  An entrance into a new season of peace, growth and plans for the future will commence tonight as the moon enters into its brightest phase of the current just before 8PM.

We move through a full moon in every moon cycle. The Harvest Moon this evening is even more special than most full moons. When we take a peek up into the night sky, the moon will be at its fullest. The Harvest Moon is considered a supermoon, meaning that it will be closest to earth this month.

This full moon is also a time for change and new beginnings. We can embrace the new season ahead of us by taking a look at our current well-being regimen. We need to come together as a community to help each other embark on our own personal journeys. Endurance would love to provide the support you need to take this important step toward better health. Whether you would like to discuss your nutrition, start a Pilates regimen, train for a marathon or improve your mind-body connection with meditation and Intuitive healing, we are here for you!

What type of changes may occur from taking a positive step forward? We at Endurance know that you will find your own new normal.  Your journey is unique to you and our staff here wants to support you on every step of the way.

Taking time for yourself is the first step toward achieving your goals. We are taught to take care of others before ourselves.  You deserve this time and you will be much happier when you improve your self-confidence!

We are so excited for this new season! An opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyles awaits us and fall is the perfect time to get things started! Right now, all of our health journeys have been shaped by the Covid experience. We have tight hip flexors, the Covid 15, stress related ailments, neck pain and all sorts of other new types of quarantine/work from home physical and mental situations to work through, manage or change.

I know that for myself personally , after 20 months I’m desperate to move past Covid and its disruptions, fears and the havoc it has caused to out.  It’s a slow process but I feel somewhat heading back toward ‘normal’ now – as normal as I can be at the moment and still not quite sure what that will look like even a few weeks from now!

I urge everyone to think about three things that you are grateful for each every night. These things can be simple- my kitty is sitting next to me on the couch and I just adore every moment of being the “chosen” one from one of our finicky felines. I am so grateful for this tonight! I am grateful for the gorgeous light shining from the Harvest moon and for the pride and elation I feel every day that I walk into my amazing Pilates studio. Other nights, I am grateful for an amazing dinner, a quiet commute (obviously during Covid rush hour only haha!) and the fact that my favorite black leggings were on the top of the clean laundry pile adorning my bedroom floor. Taking stock of the things that we are grateful for can make a difference in your mindset!

Enjoy the gorgeous moon, the fabulous weather and the hope that we are moving forward into a glorious autumn season! Hope to see you soon!



Online Pilates Anywhere with Endurance

Can we start with a silver lining? Over the past few months, at Endurance, we quickly pivoted from a very hands on, in person class and private session model to a completely online platform in a matter of days! It was scary, different and we had no idea how things would go. For the past six months, we have had the pleasure of sharing Endurance with our regular in-studio friends, but have also increased our reach to students in Canada, Europe and all over the US! It has been a lot of fun to reach out to previous students and to welcome newbies!

Are you new to Online Pilates? If so, here are a couple hints for you!

  1. We suggest a yoga mat (or 2 stacked) for comfort
  2. For our classes, you will not need any equipment, you will be able to perform all of the exercises just with your body! If available, we suggest something to squeeze between the knees- block, Magic Circle, towel, pillow!
  3. Set your mat up so that your instructor can see your profile view. Sometimes, we tend to keep the camera too high or too low- ideally, your screen shows from head to toe and from front to back. In Pilates, it is very important for the teacher to be able to see the position of your lower back and ideally everything else!
  4. Wear tight fitting clothes so your teacher can see your form.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or inquire about modifications- this is your time and your class!

At Endurance, we are working an experience that will delight all of our students. Please feel free to offer suggestions about our Online Pilates so we can make your workout the best part of your day! Check out our schedule for class times!

Side view of young athletic female repeating fitness exercises after online lesson on laptop at home

Pilates Builds Better Bodies!

Why Endurance Pilates is different from every other exercise regimen you have ever done!!

When I started teaching Pilates 20 years ago, I initially considered it just another fitness regimen to add to my repertoire of teaching tools.  I had no idea that this form of exercise would actually change my life, movement and entire physique, as well as allow me to assist countless others to do the same.  Today, I have a client list that includes professional athletes at the top of their game, elite professional dancers in the upper echelon of their companies and supermodels that are recognized world wide.  Folks that completely rely on their bodies to earn a living.  And, they choose Endurance Pilates as their go-to regimen.  As do thousands of other students with less public profiles!  In fact, we do our most important work on a completely volunteer basis with folks that have differing abilities- amputees, spinal cord injuries, MS, ALS, cancer patients and countless other situations that contribute to approximately 25% of our overall business.  Let’s take a peek at what makes Endurance Pilates and the Endurance method of teaching exercise different from any other sort of exercise you will ever do in your life!

Pilates is much more than just the choreography you may have tried at the gym or the reformer studio.  Joseph Pilates called his regimen Contrology and he sought to teach his students how to master the control of the muscles via the mind!  Admittedly, this spoke right to my Type A self when I was in my 20s!  Plus, Madonna did it and I had suffered from back pain my entire teenage life!  I was convinced at 17 years old that I could never have children because I had such intense back pain from any sort of movement.  From the moment I started Pilates, I have learned how to move and haven’t had back pain since my first class!  Our goal at Endurance is to educate our students as to the best, most efficient, calorie and fat burning manners of moving their bodies all of the time.  The work we do in the studio sculpts better physiques and builds our student’s bodies into phenomenal machines!  

We do so by:

1- Focusing on form

2- Correcting improper movement patterning

3- Ensuring that all movement is done with control and intention from the moment a student enters the studio

4- Helpful hands on and proper tactile advisement for the most informed teaching for all of our students

At Endurance, we have developed a system of teaching folks how to move well.  Our specialty training is extremely beneficial for all bodies- from professional athletes to folks recovering from severe and life-changing injuries.  We have a student who is a second year resident at MGH that we have worked with over the past few years.  She is living with Ehlers Danlos- a syndrome that causes hyper mobility in the joints.  We have worked diligently to teach her body to support itself with all of her stability muscles to the point where her body has become unconsciously competent at providing a suit of armor from within via her own muscles.  This has been very helpful to her as she puts in long hours in an environment where she needs to be 100% on the whole time- her patients lives depend upon her ease of movement and stability.  She has progressed from barely being able to tie her shoes to taking cycling classes most days of the week without fear of injury.

We also have the pleasure of working with several professional athletes.  During their off seasons, we do some major core work as each athlete recovers from the rigors of his professional career.  We seek to train the entire body in a perfect movement pattern so that he is able to resume the rigors of the his profession in the best possible condition.

Models LOVE working out with Pilates.  We work on posture and condition muscles to allow our models to be confident and strong.  With their already long and lean bodies, we work on putting just the right amount of muscle in all the right places- upper back, abs and glutes in particular.  We seek to lengthen the entire body and to ensure that every model is confident in her posture and her body,  Models depend on their bodies for a living and we make sure to account for this when putting their workouts together.Celeste0001Celeste0001Celeste0001Celeste0001