Welcome to March Mat Madness at Endurance

What is March Mat Madness at Endurance Method?

Here at Endurance, we bring you the BEST yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer, HIIT and Barre Boston classes around, but in March, we do something extra special!  Each day, we feature one of the Endurance Pilates Mat Exercises in the Authentic Classical order that Joseph Pilates himself created!  Joe Pilates created the mat repertoire to be the “ultimate” goal in Pilates.  He developed the Pilates apparatus, including the Reformer, Chairs and Cadillac in order to assist his students to become better at their Pilates Mat work!  In fact, he assigned the Pilates Mat exercises to his students as homework.  When they were in the studio, his students were expected to use the apparatus to instruct and correct their own bodies- the ultimate machines!  That’s right, in the Endurance Method of Pilates, YOUR BODY is the machine!

So join us, every day in March as we celebrate our Endurance Pilates Mat work!  Come into our South End for Pilates Mat classes of course, a private session or Reformer class to try out our Gratz apparatus- the only equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself and very scarce in the Boston area!  Join us virtually in our Skype classes- they are so much fun!  We are teaming up with Pilates teachers from across the world to celebrate March Mat Madness.  Each day, we will post an exercise from the Mat work, with pictures and #s to include.  Be sure to tag @endurancepilates in social media and include the proper #s for the day.  If you keep up with the entire month of exercises, proper tagging and checking in at the studio, you can win a FREE month of Mat classes at Endurance’s South End studio.  HAPPY PILATES MAT and welcome to March Mat Madness!

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