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Each week, we will bring you expert fitness, health and nutrition advice direct from Julie Erickson, Best of Boston’s 2014 Best Personal Trainer. Stop by the studio, and like/follow us on FacebookTwitter & Instagram for day-to-day updates!

Located in the beautiful South End, we are Boston’s premier fitness studio offering small group and private training. Each of our highly trained instructors complete a minimum of 1000 hours of pilates in the Endurance Method of training. We offer a variety of classes for students at a variety of levels.

Whether your a novice or expert, doing wedding prep or baby prep, have any special physical needs or just want to up your athletic game, sign up for classes today!

“I ended up falling in love with the PAIN class offered here on Monday nights. PAIN is a hybrid class that incorporates pilates, TRX, circuit training and tabata (and more). Even though I’ve been going since the end of August, it’s still challenging. I feel like I learn a bit more each week. Since the class size is small, Julie will often give one-on-one feedback that is so often missing from many group class experiences I’ve had.”

AnneMarie M.

“These classes are very challenging but in a good way because you leave the studio feeling amazing and accomplished. (Be prepared to warm up by doing at least 50 push ups). Every instructor is fabulous- very attentive and extremely knowledgable. Class size is small, which is wonderful because you really receive that extra attention so you can perfect your form.”

Bri G.